By: FMS Reporter

Why is Fibromyalgia so incredibly difficult to overcome?

And how is it that there are so many people out there who claim to know the answer?

It is an incredibly complex and misunderstood condition.

And the truth is – there is no “ONE” answer for everyone.

It just doesn’t work that way.

But did you know there is now – more than ever – overwhelming evidence that points to a connection between fibromyalgia & gut bacteria?

Here’s why:

The human body is made up of almost 10x’s more bacteria cells than human cells.

Trillions of bacteria – some good, some bad, are all battling it out each day within the gut.

fibromyalgia gut bacteriaThese microbes have a major influence over your health including digestion, immunity, body weight & even your moods.

And your health hangs in the balance.

Once the bad bacteria begin to outnumber the good, serious problems can occur.

In a study of 42 fibromyalgia patients, all 42 patients showed laboratory evidence of SIBO(Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)

And the severity of their intestinal bacterial overgrowth correlated positively with the severity of their fibromyalgia.

Bad bacteria (and yeast), will secrete a highly toxic substance called biofilm, in order to shield themselves inside the body.

Biofilm is an immensely important concept to grasp, and is why so many chronic conditions seemingly don’t go away.

So please, pay close attention.


What is Fibromyalgia Biofilm?

fibromyalgia biofilmThis is fibromyalgia biofilm. It’s a sticky, slimy matrix that harmful bacteria & yeast hide under.

One study found that bacteria hidden underneath biofilm are 1,000x’s more likely to survive even the most potent antibiotics.

Once it’s established, these microorganisms are now free to overpopulate underneath the safety of this biofilm layer.

Problem #1: The body has no way of defending itself from bacterial colonies hiding underneath established biofilm layers – leaving them to multiply virtually unchecked within the gut.

Problem #2: This biofilm is extremely toxic.

It is made up of over a handful of different neurotoxins, called lipopolysaccharides, which have been shown to cause a number of symptoms such as: headaches, fatigue, chronic pain, digestive & mood disorders.

Over time, these microorganisms & even certain foods such as gluten, can puncture tiny holes in the intestinal wall.

The links which keep the intestinal wall intact, known as ‘tight-junctions’, become compromised & as a result, toxins & small food particles are now allowed to enter the bloodstream.

This is known as leaky-gut syndrome.

leaky gut syndrome fibromyalgia
Leaky Gut Syndrome

When leaky gut is happening, the immune system sets off a bunch of chain reactions, including inflammation in the gut wall, & system wide inflammation throughout the body.

And inflammation hurts – it’s an all-over body pain.

It’s also why so many people suddenly become intolerant to foods they’ve always eaten like dairy, eggs & even beef.

While this is going on, your body begins to try to turn off the inflammation using hormones & other means.

It also has to rush a bunch of nutrients in to help with detoxification & cell repair.

This can create nutrient deficiencies over time which will only worsen the health of the body.

This is why inflammation is one of the most common gateways to chronic disease.

So there is a chain-reaction of events which happens in the body, as it begins to decline & all of it starts in the gut.

Ultimately, it first starts with eliminating this toxic biofilm ‘sheild’ that yeast & bad bacteria are able to hide & multiply under.

Because if you don’t eliminate these pathogens hiding beneath the biofilm layer, any treatment protocol is destined to fail.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine & creator of the Hippocratic oath, said 2500 years ago, “All Disease Begins In the Gut.”

But it seems that this principle has been lost.

Until only recently.

That’s because medical science has recently discovered 2 safe & natural ways for dissolving this fibromyalgia biofilm & it’s something the body already creates by itself.

The following page will detail, step-by-step, how & why this works, and what this means for fibromyalgia as well as several other chronic conditions that biofilm plays a key role in solving.

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