This 45-year-old had 29 dolls in his apartment. But when the police took a closer look, they immediately arrested him.

In November of 2011, police searched the home of Anatoly Moskvin in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. He was a well-known academic, author, and expert in the history of cemeteries. At first the police only wanted to talk to Anatoly and get some advice about a case they were working on, but when they looked around his apartment, they got suspicious.

A search soon revealed one of the most twisted and disturbing crimes in the history of Russia.

The 45-year-old lived in a small apartment with shelves on every wall stuffed with books, colorful children’s clothing, and toys. It was the toys and clothing that had made the police so suspicious. Why would a childless man have things like that in his home?

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