This 24-year old hasn’t been to the toilet in two years

When the 24-year old Ste Walker, from Halifax in England, had to vomit 20-30 times per day in June 2012, it quickly became clear: something is dangerously wrong with him. Then he received a blow at rugby and his dramatic story takes off — from then on everything went downhill quickly.

He spent many weeks in the hospital when the doctors diagnosed him with Crohn’s disease. This is a chronic intestinal disease, which can cause inflammation of the entire digestive system.
This is something Set had to experience on his own, and in the space of two years, he was operated on over 80 times, during which the inflamed intestine was removed foot by foot.

As a result, Ste was severely hindered by the illness and was considered disabled. Nevertheless, the poor guy continually needs to justify himself when he uses a disabled toilet or parking space, because he doesn’t “look disabled.”  He has now publicly shared a gripping Facebook post that describes his painful, daily fight:

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