These 21 Health Signs Indicate That You Might Have Cancer, #7 is Unbelievable


Publisher’s NOTE: In the 17 years since I met Dr. Kelley – my journey in this field has never wavered. Since the inception of this web-site in the year 2000, we have expanded our focus to include health related issues beyond the scope of cancer, but due to the teachings of Kelley, believe that so much of what we post here, is deeply intertwined. With this post, we once again visit a series of warning signs, which could tell you what you may be facing.

Consider what we publish here to be for YOUR benefit and to those you love. ~ J.B.

Every year, 1,658,370 Americans are diagnosed with cancer, and 589,430 of them die. Many of these victims never realized they had cancer until it was too late. Treating and identifying cancer early is vital. That’s why you need to know the early warning signs.

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