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Developing anxiety is something that stems from long-term mental abuse. All of the traumatic experiences that you have been through result with developing certain mental disorders, and having trouble with anxiety is just one of them.

Verbal abuse is the most unreleased form of abuse that exists. There is so much stigma regarding this form abuse, and lots of people don’t really believe that it is legitimate. Sadly, because of this, the results from the abuse are as detrimental to one’s health as actual physical abuse and even worse at times.

Yelling, and insulting someone when you are mad can do lots of damage to a person, and not a lot of people pay attention to the side effects of this kind of behavior.

Verbal Abuse Is the Worst Form of Abuse

It doesn’t matter where it stems from, whether it’s cyber or real-life bullying or any other form of abuse that involves verbal abuse is equally as bad. This is because science claims that verbal abuse actually influences both the left and right brain hemisphere.

If the abuse is ongoing and regular for a certain amount of time, especially starting from a young age, with this damage, a number of issues can develop.

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