Secret Little Things That Give All Women Pleasure


Regardless, of the gender normative aspects we have developed throughout our current state of society, we all have quirky or strange things/activities that we do that bring us strange amounts of pleasure. Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t have the courage to reveal what those things might be no matter how big or small the action is. Which is why we’re here to reveal some of those secrets today in which most women probably wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about openly. With that being said, check out these secret things girls do to bring themselves pleasure.

The Pube Comb

We feel like this might be a trait that a lot of dudes have instilled in them as well but, a lot of women enjoy playing and combing their pubic hair while doing something as simple as watching tv. It might not be the sexiest thing a woman could do but, it’s self-satisfying and soothing for what it’s worth.

Plucking Pesky Facial Hair

Let’s face it… We tend to judge women on the amount of facial hair they have. Is it right? No. But then again who would want their significant other to have a beard like Yosemite Sam? We’re guessing no one, which is why plucking those pesky chin hairs have become an unspoken pleasure for a lot of ladies out there.

Stress Ball Boobs

Honestly, speaking from the perspective of men everywhere, we really wish you ladies wouldn’t have left us out on this one. A lot of women around the globe often feel themselves up in boredom or to relieve stress. The softness and squishiness factor bring the ultimate sense of satisfaction.

Popping Pimples On Their Significant Other’s Back

For some reason, women and young ladies tend to get extremely excited and giddy when they have the opportunity to pop a pimple on their significant other’s back. As men, we understand you love every opportunity you get to provide us with some type of service but, the blood and pus don’t seem to make you squeamish when it comes to this strange ritual. Regardless, we’re appreciative of this.

Or Popping Their Own For That Matter

There is something oddly satisfying of clearing your face of that annoying anthill that’s been growing on your face for the past week. Not only do the ladies take pride in popping the pimples on their significant other’s back but, of course on their own face and body. It only makes sense.

Complimenting Other Women

There’s no better feeling in the world than being confident enough in yourself that another person’s physical appearance has no effect on your self-esteem and being willing to compliment them in any form or fashion. Uplifting others also instills unification and provides yourself with a sense of blissfulness.

Using Men’s Restrooms

This isn’t actually done intentionally for the sake of self-satisfaction or in order to stick it to the man but, those lines waiting for the girl’s bathroom can be brutal so, why not slide over to the men’s restroom in order to relieve yourself? It’s always a surprise to catch a woman trying to tip-toe her way out of the men’s bathroom makes for some strange conversation.

The Dreaded Ingrown Pube

Digging those pesky ingrown hairs out of your pubic region or anywhere for that matter has to be one of the most pleasurable and self-satisfying feelings in the world for both men and women but, there’s something about relieving yourself of an ingrown pube that makes it that much better.

Letting ‘Em Rip

As men, we tend to find the humor in farting as loud as possible in any scenario but, for some reason, women tend to take pride in their farts privately. Let’s all cut the crap people, no pun intended, we all feel oddly satisfied after a huge fart. That’s right, you too ladies. Admit it.


Speaking Of Letting ‘Em Rip…

Speaking of farts, you know what else is strangely satisfying? Taking a dump that makes you feel five pounds lighter. Who doesn’t enjoy bouncing up from dropping the Browns off at the Super Bowl and feeling like you’re ready to take on the world?

The Old Dry Shampoo Trick

This might be less about bringing pleasure into lives than saving some much needed time for other necessary duties like being able to sleep in for an extra 45 minutes but, the ladies aren’t afraid to bust out the old dry shampoo as an alternative to taking out the time to wash their own hair.

Taking That Bra Off

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that bring you the most pleasure but, this one is exclusively for the ladies. After a long day of being at work, going home only to pop that bra off and letting those chimichangas hang freely and get some air has to be one of the most pleasurable parts of any woman’s day.

Matter Of Fact

Matter of fact, being naked all together brings a lot of women and men amazing amounts of pleasure and is strangely satisfying for some reason. Try it when you get an opportunity and no one is around, being naked in the confinement of your own home is extremely soothing and liberating.

Good Old Q-Tips

Personally, we don’t think this a gender-biased pleasure just limited to women exclusively but, cleaning your ears out with a Q-Tip has to be one of the most satisfying and oddly pleasurable things a human being can ever experience. It’s so pleasuring, it causes our eyes to roll in the back our heads despite the fact that Q-Tips have been labeled as a health hazard.

Getting Those Rocks Off

This one should have been first on the list being that women have a part of their reproductive system that is centered and solely based on bringing themselves pleasure. So, masturbating has officially made the list as something that women do secretly and most men have a hard time truly trying to satisfy their women, so why not? It’s an ugly truth but, a major necessity for some women. We all got things that we do secretly that bring us satisfaction, it’s just the women in our lives have way a more interesting regime and habits than us fellas do when it comes to our guilty, secret pleasures.

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