Model-student shares her battle with lupus, gets job offer from Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino loves people who maintain a positive outlook in life despite the challenges and ordeal they’ve gone through. Thus, the “Queen of All Media” rewards Trisha Duncan, a 21-year-old graduating student and model who battled lupus for two years, with a job offer.

Trisha is currently taking up AB Philippine Studies in Mass Media at the De La Salle University, Manila. She started modeling at the age of five, and has been nurturing her career and passion ever since.

In her Candy magazine article, Trisha described lupus as “a chronic, auto-immune illness where my body’s immune system attacks its own tissues and organs, both the good and the bad cells. It is also known as ‘the great imitator’ since it can imitate any illness until a test proves that it is indeed Lupus.”

Despite having lupus in 2015, Trisha maintained a positive outlook, a healthy lifestyle, which includes taking care of her skin.

On Tuesday, Trisha was announced as one of the newest ambassadors for Ultherapy.

In her interview with Kris, Trisha said she lost her hair and had butterfly rashes as she battled lupus, putting her confidence down.

“There are times when my joints are aching and I can’t open my hands… I can’t say it’s depression but I was really depressed because I lost my hair.”

After having lupus, Trisha said she was also diagnosed with aplastic anemia, where the stem cells in the bone marrow are damaged, not being able to produce new blood cells.

Ultherapy’s benefits

Touched by Trisha’s positive outlook, the Queen of All Media commented:

“Your positivity is really very inspiring… It’s not about vanity in your case and I think this is about empowerment. It’s taking back your life and saying that ‘No, life gave me this, life gave me these challenges but I’m going to rise above it. I think you are the perfect example of that. For someone so young to have that kind of confidence.”

Trisha confessed: “My mom is my inspiration. She is very hardworking. My mom has really been taking care of me. I owe it all to my family for being helpful to me.”

Trisha is graduating this year.

“Right now, I want to graduate first, hopefully by June. And then right after, maybe I’ll work in corporations or I always wanted to be a flight attendant. I still don’t know, but if ever, I can settle for a job that won’t risk my health, or maybe write, because I have written articles for different publications before,” the model-student continued.

Moved by the inspirational story, Kris said she already “likes” Trisha, welcoming the student in her Kris Cojuangco Aquino Productions company.

Kris even said Trisha does not need to go through a final interview.

“Just in case Trisha you’re interested, my company KCAP (Kris Cojuanco Aquino Productions)… we’re expanding. Because right now you’re my managing partner, the offer stands, I like you already, you don’t have to go through that final interview.”

“If you’re ever interested to join our team come June, maybe you’ll take a break, after that, maybe September. You’re very much welcomed to become a part of our family because I champion people who do not let setbacks get them down.”

Trisha joins fashion designer Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez and beauty expert Agoo Azcuna-Bengzon as Ultherapy’s newest ambassadors. —LBG/BAP, GMA News

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