Cocaine laced with de-worming chemical is rotting people’s faces

Warning Graphic images: Report reveals huge amount of cocaine ‘cut’ with chemicals that make human flesh rot

De-worming chemicals for farm animals are said to be being mixed with cocaine, in what could have devastating health risks.

Drug takers are risking their faces rotting away as gangs cut cocaine with a chemical called levamisole.

Around four in five of the UK’s cocaine market is said to use the poisoning that can cause skin lesions and discolouration and rotting of the skin when blood cells rupture, particularly in the ears, nose and fingers.

Doctors claim the drug, used on pigs, cows and horses, leaves people “feeling they have HIV”.

Drug deaths hit record levels across the country as the purity of heroin and cocaine increased, according to figures released last year.

But the risk to users is now even higher because of the powerful de-worming agent used to ‘bulk up’ the class A drug.

Cocaine is being cut with a chemical that rots flesh
Cocaine is being cut with a chemical that rots flesh (Image: BMJ Case Reports / Mirror)
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