8 Common Bugbites And How To Identify The Culprits

Those of us who live in a four-season climate spend all winter dreaming of summertime.

Winter is great for a little bit — we all understand where Tian Tian the panda is coming from with his blizzard antics — but most of us are ready for it to be over around mid-January.

That said, we do romanticize summer a little bit when we’re missing it most. It can be easy to forget at the height of the winter blues, but that sun-and-surf lifestyle we’re lusting after comes with just a few minor deterrents.

Chief among them, if you ask me, is the sudden and uninvited onslaught of insects.

Yes, I know they’re good for the garden and the environment, and all of that is fine with me. I don’t care what bugs do, as long as it doesn’t involve eating me.

Alas, that seems to be one of their very favorite pastimes. As a result, I often spend the warmer months trying to figure out what, exactly, bit me, and whether I need to be concerned about it.

In that spirit, here is my guide, borne of hard-earned experience, to common bugbites and what gave them to you. May it keep you happy and itch-free all summer long!

1. Fire Ants

1. Fire Ants

If you grew up in the Southeast, you know already that fire ants are the worst.

Like their milder cousins, the red ants, fire ants deliver a stinging bite, but they earned their spicier name from the intense pain of their bites.

You will probably know immediately if you have received bites from these creepy-crawlies, but the dead giveaway is a painful, itchy red rash that looks like a bad breakout, often on your legs or rear.

Too many bites can result in an allergic reaction, so watch out for hives and difficulty breathing.

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