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Epilepsy Drug Made From Marijuana Plant Gets Backing From FDA Staff

An experimental medication that could become the first drug derived from a marijuana plant approved in the U.S. received a boost from Food and Drug Administration staff. The treatment’s maker, U.K. company GW Pharmaceuticals Plc, provided “substantial evidence” of the drug’s effectiveness, FDA staff said in a report released Tuesday. The medication would treat seizures […]

Marijuana compound curbs seizures by pushing ‘brakes’ in brain

A compound derived from marijuana may treat a severe form of epilepsy by dampening brain activity, a new study suggests1. In July, another team reported that in a clinical trial of 120 children with this form of epilepsy, called Dravet syndrome, the compound decreased the frequency of seizures. Dravet syndrome is often accompanied by autism. […]

Mum’s plea for cannabis on NHS to treat her son’s epilepsy

Karen Gray with son Murray, who is in hospital due to his seizures, Picture: Ian Georgeson A mum-of-three is calling for medical cannabis to be made available on the NHS in Scotland to help her five-year-old son who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy. Karen Gray from East Craigs, has launched a petition for […]

I Break the Law To Treat My Epileptic Child With Cannabis

By Emma Farmer Due to the content of this article, some names have been changed, including the author’s.  Jeremy & Maggie Maggie doesn’t tell many people the whole story. She is a vocal supporter of medical marijuana, but telling the truth, the whole truth, about the most important person in her life is just too […]

Former Chairman of Epilepsy Foundation Wants CBD for Kids

The Epilepsy Foundation acknowledged medical marijuana as an effective epilepsy medication in 2014. The Epilepsy Foundation wants CBD for Children The Epilepsy Foundation acknowledged medical marijuana as an effective epilepsy medication in 2014 after the former chairman, Warren Lammert, saw how medical marijuana helped his daughter suffering from daily epilepsy seizures. Lammert’s daughter Sylvie was treated with […]