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The Cannabis Industry Made $1.2 Billion in January

The cannabis industry registered $1.23 billion in investments for January, according to Viridian Cannabis Deal Tracker. The total represents an almost 600 percent growth from the $178 million in the first five weeks of 2017. While it’s no secret that the cannabis industry has turned out to be a money-making machine, what made last month’s numbers even […]

Cannabis to become legal? Weed bill set for UK parliament this week

The UK parliament will debate a proposal to partially legalize cannabis this week, as campaigns in favor of using the drug for medicinal purposes gather momentum. On Friday, politicians will revisit the issue in the first debate over the introduction of a right for sick people to use the cannabinoid drugs. The second reading of […]

Federal Judge Recognizes that Cannabis Has Powerful Medical Benefits

Federal judge states that medical marijuana really works. A federal judge has ruled in a case stating the importance of medical marijuana   Judge Alvin Hellerstein told his New York courtroom: “Your clients are living proof of the medical applications of marijuana,” In a decision which will likely go down in history. For several years now, […]

Massachusetts Gov: Marijuana Delivery is a ‘Safety Risk’

In some states, opponents of marijuana say they prefer delivery to retail dispensaries — because retail dispensaries cause crime. Studies say they don’t. In Massachusetts, Gov. Charlie Baker and prosecutors are opposing delivery for the same safety worries. ecreational marijuana’s interminable rollout in Massachusetts is continuing along, its glacial pace uninterrupted and unhurried, with no […]

Marijuana in The Bible: What Does it Say About Cannabis

The appearance of marijuana in the Bible is not something preached on during Sunday service. Generally speaking, the modern day Christian establishment frowns on cannabis. Many wonder if this was always the case? Many ancient traditions from around the world used marijuana both ceremonially and medicinally. It seems reasonable to assume that early Christianity would […]

It Was A Big Week For Marijuana In America

Valentines Day week 2018 saw a tremendous amount of activity when it came to addressing our nations failed policy of marijuana prohibition. From new federal legislation being introduced to two federal lawsuits having hearings, plus a number of members of Congress, old allies and new stepping up to demand the Trump Administration continue to allow the […]

The New Cannabis Capsule Is So Powerful It Can Replace Any Pain Killer

Alternative healing is getting more popular these days, but the Big Pharma will never admit it. Pharmaceutical companies are trying to sell their products despite the reports of their inefficacy. The Foria Relief Company has come with the perfect solution, and people went crazy for their vaginal suppository made from aromatic cocoa butter. According to […]