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Court Sentences 77-Year-Old Disabled Veteran To Die In Prison For Treating Illness With Marijuana

Many people have spoken vehemently against this draconian law in the state before, but state officials have deliberately ignored the concerns. The November 2016 elections held in the United States confirmed that marijuana is gaining public acceptance in the country. In fact, the plant won major ballot victories on Election Day in states across the nation. Medical […]

Two New Studies Suggest Opioid Prescriptions Drop in States with Legalized Marijuana

The findings run counter to political arguments against legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Two studies published this week in JAMA Internal Medicine add to an increasing body of research hinting at an association between cannabis legalization and a reduction in opiate use. The researchers involved in both studies utilized records of opiate prescriptions reported by the Centers for Medicare […]

The 15 Major Differences Between An Empath And A Lightworker

Because Empaths and Lightworkers fall into the same category of healing the world and others, they have been seen as one and the same. However, Empaths and Lightworkers are two different callings that only share a few similar traits. We should note that not all empaths are lightworkers and not all lightworkers are empaths. Though, […]

Can CBD reduce prescription pill intake?

CBD can help with insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain, among other conditions.The list of CBD benefits is seemingly endless. The non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant can help with everything from depression and arthritis to epilepsy and sleep. But one of the most astounding CBD benefits is how it helps people with a wide range […]

Study: Opioid use dropped in medical cannabis states

ATHENS, Ga. – States with medical cannabis programs saw a dramatic reduction in opioid abuse, according to a study done by University of Georgia researchers. The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study focused on opioid prescriptions filled between 2010 and 2015 for patients using Medicare Part D, the prescription drug […]

Pharmaceutical giants are sidestepping US marijuana restrictions to research cannabis-based drugs

Federal policies restricting marijuana research have made it difficult to study marijuana and produce cannabis-based drugs — but that isn’t stopping pharmaceutical companies from doing it. Some are researching and developing drugs made with marijuana compounds in labs just north of the border. Others are growing the raw materials for their products in South America. […]

Nearly 50% of Ivy League Students Smoke Cannabis Survey Shows

According to the survey app College Pulse, nearly half of all Ivy League students smoke cannabis. More than 42 percent of respondents claim to have never touched any substance, but an eclipsing 42.6 percent say they’ve smoked pot. That’s almost double the amount of students who say they’ve smoked nicotine, hovering at 22.8 percent. The […]