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If You Have These 30 Traits, You Can Consider Yourself An Empath

1. Knowing Empaths have a deep sense of knowing that is unwavering and unquestionable which comes with pinpoint accuracy in its description. They are capable of reading others without obvious cues and can describe what’s really going on beneath the surface. They know if someone is being dishonest or not speaking their truths. The more […]

10 Strange Behaviours Of An Authentic Empath

You have discovered you might be an empath and want to know the exact signs – it is not all bad you know! Once you learn the tricks of psychic protection, you will find it much easier to navigate this world without being energetically punched down all the time. 1. You Take On Other People’s […]

12 Things That An Empath Will Hide From You

One of the most unique and special people in the world are empaths. They are highly sensitive people and they usually do not talk about it a lot. If you have someone in your life who is an empath, then, this article is the right one for you. These people are very sensitive to emotions […]

5 Ways To Become A Healer And Not Just A Pain Absorbing Empath

‘As empaths, we are not here to be sponges or enablers. We are here to be helpers, guides, and supporters.’ ― Aletheia Luna, Awakened Empath: The Ultimate Guide to Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Healing. All human beings absorb and emit energy vibrations, knowingly or unknowingly. Rumi had addressed these centuries back, saying absorbing the energies […]

16 Hidden Traits That Are Unique to the Empath

As you might know, empaths are not exactly ordinary. They are special people with the ability to not only listen to people when they talk about their emotions, but they can actually feel them. They feel with you and work through your pain with you. Everything sounds complicated, but it is much easier to spot […]

22 Stages of Relationship Between An Empath and A Narcissist

1 The empath gets attracted to a narcissist. Their relationship starts. Empath loves deeply and unconditionally. They feel emotionally fulfilled even though the narcissist plays no role to develop a stronger bond. The empath feels satisfied and thinks their love is reciprocated just by being around the narcissist. 2 The empath gets the false notion that they have finally met the […]