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Jeff Sessions: Chronic Pain Sufferers Should ‘Take An Aspirin And Tough It Out’

During an address at the U.S. Attorney’s office in Tampa, Florida this week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that people who suffer from chronic pain should simply “take an aspirin and tough it out.” Sessions, whose opposition to medical marijuana is well known, attempted to tackle the subject of opioid addiction in the U.S., saying pharmaceutical companies are prescribing […]

Marijuana Edibles Could be the Answer for Fibromyalgia

Cannabis-derived products are the best available treatment for pain management in my opinion. I have worked with people and animals with chronic pain, and cannabis is the most effective treatment I have found. Nature provided us with a super drug, and it’s a shame more people can’t access it for pain relief. The potential medicinal […]

How Cannabis Helped A 72-Year-Old Fibromyalgia Patient Get Off Opiates

72-year-old Oregon resident weans herself off painkillers with the help of CBD-rich cannabis. I wanted to relay the experience I’m having with CBD aiding opiate withdrawal. I am a 72-year-old woman. A doctor put me on fentanyl patches about 10 years ago, after trying various painkillers for my intense fibromyalgia pain. They did not notify me how […]

Fibromyalgia: New cannabis based medications can provide relief to people with the chronic pain

A company, Cannabis Science, involved in the development of cannabis based therapeutics has recently introduced two new medications for pain relief in people with fibromyalgia and diabetic neuropathy nerve pain. The two new pharmaceutical pain killers will function as transdermal adhesive patches that will deliver a certain dose of medication into the bloodstream by absorption through patient’s […]

European Journal of Internal Medicine Devotes Special Issue to Medical Cannabis

Researchers have been reporting increasing evidence of cannabis-based products’ ability to alleviate pain and treatment other conditions. This has led to a special issue of the European Journal of Internal Medicine in which scientists call for cannabis-based treatments to be added to modern medicine’s arsenal. They contend that the treatments would be particularly helpful to people living with chronic pain or fibromyalgia. […]

Study: Marijuana Effective At Treating Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia

Cannabis therapy mitigates symptoms of the chronic pain condition fibromyalgia and is associated with a reduction in the use of other prescription drugs, according to clinical data published online ahead of print in the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology. An estimated 3 to 6 million Americans are afflicted by fibromyalgia, which is often poorly controlled by standard pain medications. Israeli investigators […]

Living With Fibromyalgia And Difficulty Speaking

By Sue Jaye Fibromyalgia is a disease that has many symptoms and some of them can be confusing for people. So in case you were thinking that it only affects the energy levels of the body and that the only problem is muscle and tissue pain, you were wrong. This kind of disease can affect […]