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Cancer Side Effects and Medical Marijuana: What’s the Connection?

The Connection Between Medical Marijuana and Cancer Care If you or a loved one has cancer, you’re probably considering every option for easing side effects of treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Many ask about the connection between cancer side effects and medical marijuana. While this plant has a reputation as a recreational drug, a growing body of research […]

National Cancer Institute Quietly Confirms Cannabis Can Cure Cancer

Apparently the left hand of this government doesna know what the right hand is doing, or more likely doesn’t want to know. With the easy prey of grabbing marijuana users in most states and locking them up in prisons for cheap labor while destroying families, there’s little motivation to curb that racket by dropping marijuana […]

Cancer Patient Given 18 Months to Live is Cured by Cannabis Oil

(Organic & Healthy) Cancer Patient Given 18 Months to Live is Cured by Cannabis Oil : – 33 year old David Hibbitt from Staffordshire cured by cannabis oil (which cost £50 a gram from a local dealer)  after he refused chemo. Now he’ll live to get married to his bride to be and start a beautiful life together. ‘Friends […]

Cancer survivor tells how cannabis oil ‘saved her life’ after being told incurable brain tumour would kill her in months

A cancer patient diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour has credited cannabis oil for her incredible recovery. In December 2013 doctors told Lynn Cameron she had just “six to 18 months” to live. After several session of chemotherapy and radiotherapy the 48-year-old opted to try cannabis oilin a desperate bid to save her life. Incredibly, almost four years after her […]

Promising results in first trial of plant extract that could cure cancer

The battle to eliminate disease has to be one of the most remarkable ongoing human endeavors, particularly regarding advances in pharmaceutical treatments and immunizations.Thanks to painstaking research and trials, followed by systematic and widespread distribution of treatment, the world has seen either complete or regional eradication of diseases ranging from smallpox to polio to malaria. Could cancer someday join […]

A Healthy Woman Is Given Chemo. Studies Reveal, This Happens to Millions. (Up to 90% patients with THIS type of cancer are treated unnecessarily).

A patient is Australia has reportedly been administered chemotherapy for six months — before the doctors found out she did not actually have cancer, believe it or not. What sounds like a patient’s worst nightmare happens more often than the medical system is willing to admit. In the case of the woman in Australia, she […]