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Just One Puff of CBD Could Ease Depression, Stress and Anxiety

New research shows that cannabis could improve mental well-being by significantly reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Moreover, a single puff could produce satisfying effects! This isn’t precisely news among the cannabis community. However, to see researchers proving what was suspected is incredibly exciting. Even more so, when mainstream and sensationalist media catches up and shares it […]

Can CBD reduce prescription pill intake?

CBD can help with insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain, among other conditions.The list of CBD benefits is seemingly endless. The non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant can help with everything from depression and arthritis to epilepsy and sleep. But one of the most astounding CBD benefits is how it helps people with a wide range […]

Study finds “no good evidence” to support cannabis for neuropathic pain

A number of states list neuropathic pain as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. An independent organization of healthcare professionals and researchers recently found that there is no “good evidence” to support claims that cannabis-based products treat neuropathic pain. To make this finding, the organization, Cochrane, evaluated 16 different clinical trials, which all tested the […]

Next Story Study Finds That Big Pharma Completely Lied About Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI) For Depression

The title of this article might give you the impression that my aim is to frighten you. I assure you it is not. The realities of the pharmaceutical industry are admittedly difficult to swallow, but this is important information given the fact that so many people are taking anti-depressant drugs. While these details may be disturbing, especially if you or […]

Anxiety Actually Can Save Your Life

Although the neural pathways underlying anxiety evolved to help us stay on alert for danger, and not die from being eaten by a lurking cave lion or stepping on a poisonous snake, most people living with higher-than-normal levels of worry would argue that it does the opposite of benefitting them. Life with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) often […]