Author: James T. Mulder

Epilepsy Drug Made From Marijuana Plant Gets Backing From FDA Staff

An experimental medication that could become the first drug derived from a marijuana plant approved in the U.S. received a boost from Food and Drug Administration staff. The treatment’s maker, U.K. company GW Pharmaceuticals Plc, provided “substantial evidence” of the drug’s effectiveness, FDA staff said in a report released Tuesday. The medication would treat seizures […]

9 Things Only A Genuine Empath With A Clean Heart Will Understand

Empaths are known as the individuals who have the ability to perceive the world a lot differently than most people. They have a natural power to pick up people’s deepest emotions and their energies. So, if you consider yourself an empath, I’m sure you’re tired of constantly hearing people “Oh, you’re so sensitive” or “You’re […]

The Dark Side Of Empathy – What Every Empath Needs To Know

The people around you may not understand you, but you understand them. Yes, you, being an empath, you understand everything perfectly well – both the light and the dark side of the world. It is both a gift and a curse being able to understand everything and feel every vibration and energy as if someone […]

8 Things You Need To Know About Loving An Empath

Ah, empaths – those highly sensitive, magical, mysterious creatures! You get never bored loving them! They place themselves so easily under your skin and bring you on your knees. Without you even noticing it. Their soul is pure, their thoughts peaceful and wild, and even before you blink, they get your heart. No, you still […]

CBD oil, derived from cannabis, gains popularity

There’s a fast-growing part of the cannabis industry that doesn’t involve pot: a compound known as cannabidiol, or CBD. Some use it for a variety of conditions including anxiety, insomnia, depression and seizures. Unlike THC, one of the other components in marijuana, CBD won’t make you high. All but four states allow its use. But CBD […]

Spiritually Gifted People Are Affected By These 7 Strange Things

We’re all gifted in some way. While some gifts are easily recognized and developed, some are subtle and can even make you feel weird.   Spiritual gifts aren’t common and may even make you feel special. But, be wary though. Spiritual gifts aren’t always comfortable either, and if you do not learn to manage them […]