How to avoid dating a narcissist

My dating history has what I’d call a Goldilocks problem: Some relationships were too casual; some were too needy. After a year-long, friends-with-benefits situation, my partner ghosted me. Then a man dropped the L-bomb just two weeks in. (Overkill!) So when a friend introduced me to Monica Parikh, a relationship coach and founder of School of Love NYC, I was hopeful she’d be able to help me navigate my way to finding Mr. Just Right.

I embarked on a four-week virtual class (which included weekly reading assignments and telecom sessions) where she helped me pinpoint the common thread in my past relationships: Many of my partners had little consideration for my feelings and needs. According to Parikh, I was attracted to narcissists. “Narcissists lack empathy—the ability to see life from another person’s point of view—and, as a result, are incapable of forming deep, meaningful, and lasting relationships with others,” she explains.

The good news: If you understand the concepts associated with narcissism, you’ll recognize the red flags sooner and therefore have a better chance of walking away early, says Parikh.

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