Having Crohn’s is SCARY, true story. And a big part of the scariness is the unknown. For an increasingly common disease, it’s not often talked about.

Sure, one  reason for this is that no one really relishes talking about their toilet habits (unless you’re like a former flatmate of mine who spoke about his daily motions with a David Attenborough-like sense of awe and fascination). However, things become less scary the more you talk about them.

So, here are 19 things you don’t – but should – know about Crohn’s Disease

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1. Crohn’s Disease is a horrible, prickly beast of a disease. It’s chronic and there’s no cure, and it can be a complete nightmare to live with. It’sone of the two main inflammatory bowel diseases (the other is Ulcerative Colitis), categorised by inflammation, ulceration and sometimes perforation of the wall of your intestine.
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