Image result for 10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER MESS WITH AN EMPATHOn the first look it would seem that Empaths are fragile and emotional people. But this vulnerability to feel deeply and more intensely than other people is actually something you should never take as a weakness.

In fact, Empaths are gifted with a superpower that goes beyond just ‘feeling more deeply’ than others. That’s just a byproduct of their real gift.

They see through the BS and the pretence. If you think you can manipulate their nature, have in mind that they know what you are doing.

What’s the primary gift of An Empath?

Empaths might be born with a heightened ability to feel other’s feelings, however, that’s NOT their real gift.

Their primary gift is divine understanding of human psychology!

This gives them the ability to tell when someone is faking, lying, or simply not who they said they were.

Some nice people have cruel intentions, let’s face it. Empaths just have the ability to recognize this.

As an empath, the best way to explain this is: the knowing just happens.

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