10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER EVER Mess with an Empathic Person

Empathic people can often read body language professionally or are able to read one’s mind occasionally.  To be more specific, empathic people have also been said to be able to look at others’ faces and tell if they are telling a lie or not. There are also tons of other reasons why particular group of people should avoid closer interaction with empathic people – trust me it’s for everyone’s good. Read below what to expect, should you decide to establish a relationship with empaths:

1: They can detect a lie as soon as uttered

Empathic people have an inborn talent to notice a lie the moment it is told. If you have a tendency to tell lies, even white lies, please stay out of relationships with emphatic people.

2: They can detect when someone’s jealous

If you’re trying to conceal your jealousy, an emphatic person will know that it’s there. Furthermore, they will act kindly and won’t let you know that they’ve detected that in you, thus your friendship will become nonsensical and empty.

3: They don’t know how to play the fool

It is almost impossible to mislead an empathic person, as they can see through your feelings, even your thoughts. Even at the slightest attempt to deceive them they will know it, hence they will focus on revealing the precise lie.

4: They can easily detect hate

Hate is among the strongest negative emotions, empathic people need to be able to feel it if they want to avoid it. Empathic people don’t want to experience hate. This means that it would be very hard for you to conceal your hate when an empathic person is present.

5: They will detect prejudice easily too

As a form of hate, prejudice is easily detected by empathic people. Prejudiced people sometimes don’t realize that they are acting in such a way, so if you see that an empathic person you know stirs away from you, you should probably question something you said or what you believe.

6: They always recognize sadness in other people

Empathic people can always feel the sadness in someone. These people will provide you with help and support even when you don’t admit it.

7: They can easily detect flattery

If you are an honest person, there is no need to use flattery to get help or acceptance from an empathic person. However, if you do try this, be prepared to lose their respect and friendship forever.

8: They can feel when other people are taking the wrong steps

Even better, they can help in guiding others to the right path and provide them with the chance to be happy and successful.

 9: They can feel when others have no sense of their character

If you know that you are not really being yourself and live with it, an empathic person will most probably not appreciate your presence. On the other hand, if you are not aware of your true traits and personality, the empathic person will probably give a helping hand and try to instruct you.

10: They just can’t put up with someone being exploited

Exploiting an empathic person or exploiting other persons and the emphat hears about it – run for your life, as you’ve awakened the beast.

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